What kind of job can you get with a Master’s of Fine Arts: Creative Writing

As my graduation date approached I kept getting the same question, what kind of job can you get with a Master’s of Fine Arts?  At first, the question annoyed my soul, then I started unraveling the questions. I now have a Master’s which puts me in a different educational bracket. I can search for specific jobs tailored to my degree.

Here a list a compiled of “jobs” that directly relate to the MFA degree:

  1. Creative Writing Teacher K-12.
  2. English Teacher
  3. Adjunct Professor
  4. Creative Writing Program Director
  5. K-12 teacher
  6. Copyeditor
  7. Editor
  8. Ghostwriter
  9. Blogger (I’m on it)
  10. Program Coordinator
  11. Online Learning Professor
  12. Content Writer
  13. Assistant Professor
  14. Ghostwriter
  15. Literary Agent
  16. Lecturer
  17. Proofreader
  18. Blog Writer
  19. Freelance Writer
  20. Writer

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