My story about writer Gawking?

Gawking- (V) Stare openly and stupidly.

I have been a perpetrator of writer gawking. I usually gawk when I am deep in my head writing. I gawk when I take a much-needed break to allow the thoughts in my head to take full reign in my mind. Sometimes in public, I look up and begin to gawk. The funny part is that I am never loking at anyone in particular. I am just gawking at the peroson in my line of sight. Most times I dont even realize that I am gawking. In my head, I am really dreaming with my eyes open. My gawking is my way of peering into the lives of the characters that are in my head. The gawking allows me to pause and look at the characters that need to be in my manuscript.

I hate to gawk in public because there is always a person that thinks that they are your object of attention. They act as if you are so interested in them that I have seen people stare back at me with haughty disdain. If they only knew that my gawking has taken over and I am in my own world.  I like to gawk because sometimes I need a break from my writing and I gawk. I will curve my gawking, but I am okay with my need to gawk. Gawk on!

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