The Holidays and Writing.

To be honest I have not felt like writing anything. I decided that in order to be present for this holiday season I would need a break from writing. I actually did not have the urge to write. My brain wanted and needed a break. I earned a break from writing after I received my MFA, so I appeased myself with a week of rest.  Instead of going to the mall to shop, I shopped online. I made sure to be available for friends that wanted to meet up for breakfast or healthy outings(I’ll write a post about healthy outings soon).

For two days I had a staycation in my house. While I was in the house I binge watched Stranger Things and She’s Got to Have It.  I discovered that I find binge watching fascinating, but I could never do it on a consistent basis. My brain is too hard-wired for creating my own stories and characters. Now that the Holiday’s are over I will get back on my writing schedule. I already have my novel waiting for me to make my return to its pages. Don’t worry novel, my break time is over. I will be getting back to my daily writing schedule by New Year’s Eve. Holiday writing is not bad at all. For each person, it will be different. The true realization is figuring out what works best for you.

Happy Writing!

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