My Year Writing

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Tag: facebook

Haiku 134

I don’t need Facebook, do I?
Use your time wisely.

Haiku 84 Sad

Someone you don’t know,

killed in a car accident.

Facebook makes me sad.

Happy #35

The moment when I refresh, login, open my Facebook and I see that friends liked and commented on a joke that I wrote.  Happy!

Haiku 64 Facebook

I erased Facebook.
Too much unproductive time.
Life is better now.

Things that make me happy #7

A 3am conversation with a friend on the west coast via Facebook messenger.

Haiku 17 Friend

A friend from the past.
Could he be the one for me?
Facebook make it so.


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