The best coffee shops for writing in Los Angeles. (Southbay Edition)

I’ve compiled a list of the best coffee shops in the Southbay for writers that like to write in public spaces. All of these coffee shops are great for focused writing and the completion of specific daily writing goals. The Southbay is the area south of Los Angeles. This list will consist of coffee shops in the Beach Cities and the suburbs right outside of Los Angeles. All of these coffee shops are easy to get to from Inglewood, South Los Angeles, and the Westchester area.

I like these coffee shops because there is always ample parking. Each location has loads of seating, and a writer can get lost in these coffee enclaves.  Other patrons do not bother each other, and it’s easy to ignore any gawkers. These coffee shops are great for writers that need to sit for long periods of time without questionable glances from the baristas.

I will be presenting each shop; then I will list at least three reasons why they are great for writing.

Time Out Cafe
15420 S Western Ave
Unit C
Gardena, CA 90249

Time Out Cafe is my favorite on this list. This cafe is the best place to write in the Southbay. The restaurant has multiple seating choices. All of the seats have little-personalized booths. One entire section is dedicated to people that want to write and study. The other part is for people that want to din in at the restaurant. All of their coffee has Intelligentsia coffee and the best ingredients.  All of the specialty drinks are made to order, and they are great to drink as you write. They have a carefully crafted food menu, and the star of the show would have to be the bulgogi fries (think carne asada fries). Get adventurous and give them a try. They also sell alcohol if beer or wine gives you an extra writing boost. You can stay at Time Out Cafe all day if you need to, but you will have to order food to keep your seat. They have an efficient buzzer system that allows you to call the server to your table. You don’t have to worry about the waiter coming by your table as you work. It is up to you when you want to interact with the server. People go to Time Out to study, read, or write. You will not be distracted as you work unless you choose to watch one of the television screens.  Go here to write, thank me later.

Intelligentsia Coffee
714 E Carson St
Carson, CA 90745

The Green Door will be the first thing you notice after you pass the IHop that is on the corner. Just make the first turn into the parking lot, park, and then grab everything you need to write. When you get inside Intelligentsia, you will notice the steampunk/industrial floor to the cieling decor. The menu is simple, and every option is all delicious. The best drink on the list is the Vanilla Latte.  You can order it iced or hot. Another great brew is the tea that comes in individualized teapots. The steel tables and chairs are comfortable.  There are plugs for your computer everywhere, so you won’t be stressed out about losing computer power. Intelligentsia is a great coffee shop for writing because everyone is busy studying, reading, or completing classwork. Students from different colleges go to Intelligentsia Carson to study which makes it perfect for a writer that needs quiet.

Tanners Coffee
200 Culver Blvd
Ste A
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

Couches make up most of the seating area at Tanners. Tanners coffee shop is perfect for writers that need comfortable seating to get into a writing flow. The coffee is a bit strong, but you made need that to stay focused. I like this shop because it is right down the street from the beach. Should you need a walk away from your writing the beach is only a block away. Street parking is your best option at Tanners, but the view of the beach will make up for any walking that you do.

Petes Coffee
328 Manhattan Beach Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

For a quick drop in a writing session, I would go to Pete’s Coffee in Manhattan Beach. Pete’s coffee sits right at the entrance of this outdoor shopping area. It is a meetup location for the different groups, and I have seen people on coffee dates. Snag a seat by the window or on one of the two leather couch seats. Plug your earphones in because their coffee grinders are loud at times. The best times to go to this coffee shop are during the week when people aren’t in the outdoor mall shopping.


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