Needed for a Good Coffeeshop Writing Session.

Here are my rules for a good coffee shop writing session.
1. The coffee shop must be cozy.
2. They must have an abundance of outlets. Outlets can hang from the ceiling as long as I can plug in, then my writing session will flow.
3. I need seating choices. Bigger the coffee shops have ample seats.
4. The chairs must be comfortable with back support.
5. Wide tables with ample workspace so that I can spread out all my writing tools.
6. It helps when the coffee shop is known for studying, writing, screenwriting, or entrepreneurship.
7. I work best when the coffee machines are not loud.
8. A pleasant staff that doesn’t bother the patrons.
9. A clean restaurant especially the bathrooms.
10. A place where the baristas know your name.
11. Huge windows that add a tremendous architectural touch and provide natural lighting.
12. Window seats that are available when writers gawk while taking a break from their manuscript.
13. Good vibes and energy.
14. Tasty treats and bites.
15. Good f******* coffee.

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