Money and Writing

Yes, I said it.
Money and Writing.

I live in a world that thrives on the flow of money. As a writer money is not always the topic of conversation, but imagine the shift in the writer world if we talked more about money. By talking about money, other writers could benefit from more open discussions about strategies to make money as a writer. It could help more writers discover more money making opportunities through their writing. The more writers could create products and services that will improve the industry of the literary arts.

Shortly I will be presenting services that will benefit other writers. My services will establish an environment accountability for writers that want to grow as a literary artist. I light up when I coach other writers to become their best self through the words they put on each page of their manuscript. My services will be all about improving craft and getting through emotional blocks.

Of course, my services will come with a cost, but nothing in this world is free. I will not work for free, and writers should stop doing things for free. We put our heart and soul into the writing we create. We deserve compensation.

All My Year Writing Services will be available on the website by February 2018. (Virtually tipping my hat)

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