Have you noticed all the movies based on books and writing?

It feels like every time I choose a movie to watch on Netflix the show or movie is based on a book. The main character is either a writer or a part of the creative community. When I watched She’s Got to Have it the main character was a painter. The kids in Stranger Things were naming the monster’s based on the book they used to play their board game.

To get into the Holiday spirit I watched Beauty and The Beast which is based on a classic fairytale. Imperial Dreams has the main character writing a book in order to get out of the ghetto. I was trying to take a break from writing, but I ended up watching writing happen in the movies. It was confirmation that I am on the right road as a writer. Writing is now a part of my whole life, I’m deep into writing, and the universe is giving me signs.

I’m just going to keep choosing movies and shows that interest my creative mind. If they are about writing that’s even better. I welcome the inspiration.


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