Finally Organized

I can’t organize another damn thing. I feel like I have arranged my life in all of the compartments needed. My purse has bags for my makeup, pens for writing, my keys, and the miscellaneous things that end up in a wallet. I have a mail system for all my incoming mail. I have folders for all the different life projects that I need to work on as the year progresses. My closet makes sense in my mind, and all my clothing has a place. My shoes are neatly stored away in boxes.

I have a folder for all my printouts, savvy names for word documents on my computer, and places for all needed writing materials. I dod not need to organize anything else in my life. Now that I feel like everything in my life is organized, I can get to the business of writing. I have no loose ends to organize. I do not need to get a new organizational box. I feel like if I keep organizing and re-organizing, then I will wast my time. I no longer have time to waste. Now I have the freedom to write; I will complete my novel.

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