My Year Writing

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Category: haiku

Haiku 150

Weepy, sobby, mess.

I am not ready for change.

Yes, it will happen.

Haiku 149

Two more days are left.

Then a vacation begins.

Three days in New York.

Haiku 148

When I am cooking,

a heightened sense of passion,

makes me fall in love.

Haiku 147

He loves theatre.

But he hates real life drama.

Keep it on the stage.

Haiku 146

Create your own work.

Take charge of your own well being.

You can’t fail yourself.

Haiku 145

My mind floods with thoughts.

I need to write a love story.

One that’s about me.

Haiku 144

He’s falling for you.

Time is fleeting for his love.

Lost chances, days, hours.

Haiku 143

In twenty eight days,

Eighty four meals are cooked.

One more week to go.

Haiku 142

Every muscle aches

Twelve hours in the kitchen

Less than ten days left

Haiku 141

You are told one thing.
Then you learn it is a lie.
It’s time to move on.


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