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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Category: haiku

Haiku 115

You know your power.
I’ve always played the victim.
Time to play hero.

Haiku 114

Searching for my truth.

I’m reading all the right books.

Time to take action.

Haiku 112


It’s in your voice when you wake.

Man, it’s hard to take.

Haiku 111

Sudafed, help me.
My body creeks like a tree.
My throat is on fire.

Haiku 110

Every one needs time.
Silence can help you create.
Here, I am back now.

Haiku 109

It’s how I feel about life.
This is just a lie.

Haiku 108

Feel like a failure.
Will the next two weeks just end?
I need to stay calm.

Haiku 107

Robin Williams, gone.

A lot less laughter dear world.

A tragic comic.

Haiku 106

Ticketing system.

You must work to sell tickets.

Seven hours down.

Haiku 105

I have too much stuff.

I want to throw it away.

Life begins again.


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