A Good Weekend.

I just had a great weekend. I did everything that I wanted to do this past weekend. I stayed committed to all things that I intend on being committed to for 2018.

I am committed to completing my novel. This weekend I attended my book club and a writing group.

I am committed to financial Health. I started my financial fast. I did not do any online, mall, or boutique shopping. I was tempted to purchase a writing course, but due to the fast, I stopped myself.

I am committed to being mindful of my health. I choose food that was colorful and full of nutrients.

I am committed to having a prosperous business. I launched my website and told people to send clients my way.

I am committed to my spiritual health. I attended church and meditated on my faithfulness to God.

Since I have all these commitments to myself, it made my weekend fabulous. I talked with some great people, and I am starting to make some excellent connections. I believe this is happening because I am committed to doing things that will enhance the life I am creating for myself. I am also walking boldly in my authenticity. I am going to continue this momentum into my week, month, and the remainder of this year. I still believe that 2018 will be a successful year in my life.

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