Writer coaching is a benefit to other writers.

I want to be a benefit to other writers. My contribution will be the accountability writing coaching that I will provide through this website. My coaching services will offer goal setting, craft discussions, book suggestions, editorial notes on your writing content, writing prompts and using digital means to serve as an accountability coach. I am excited about my services because I have used coaching services in the past. Every coach that I have ever used helped me in my life and writing journey. I am thankful to all of my coaches. Now it is my turn t make my coaching contribution to the universe.

I am pumped up about serving as a writer/writer accountability coach. I feel that all the writer’s that sign up for my coaching will benefit from my coaching services. I will make it my duty as a service provider to really help each client reach their writing goals during the period that I serve as their coach.

My services page fully describes all my offerings. I will be setting up free conference calls for serious clients only.

Happy Coaching!

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