8 reasons writers need a writing coach.

I am a firm believer in creating a team of people around you that help you achieve your goals. A carefully crafted team can help you along your journey and assist you as you reach your goals. Since writing is a solitary endeavor, many writers forego the mission alone. I know that a team will help people get to their goals quicker.

A writing coach is an integral part of the writing journey. I have met many writers that feel they have everything sorted out. Let’s take a look at other creative professions. Take for example singers. When a singer needs to improve their singing skills, they hire a writing coach. An actor will enroll in acting classes. A director will join a collective of directors in order to get more experience as a movie director. I don’t understand why writers feel that they can handle writing alone. A writing coach does not have to coach you about writing. A writing coach can help you stay on track with your writing goals, make sure that you are meeting your daily word count,  keep you motivated, and help you through any emotional blocks. A coach will make it so that you are not alone as you write. A writing coach can cheer you on, bring you down to earth, or tell you when things are not working in your writing. All of this input will contribute to your success as a writer.

Here are the 8 reasons writers need a writing coach:

  1. For writing success.
  2. To help writers complete short and long writing projects.
  3. To discuss different elements of craft.
  4. To talk through any emotional concerns or setbacks.
  5. To have a definite accountability partner that will make sure that you are staying on track with writing goals.
  6. As a sounding board for new creative ideas.
  7. To present resources to the writer for their improvement.
  8. So that every writer achieves the success they seek.

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