My Year Writing

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Month: May, 2014

Haiku 88 Car

A brand new used car.

It makes a wonderful gift.

Thanks so much father.

Happy #52

When I see my 10 year old niece in the kitchen cooking breakfast.  It reminds me of my love of cooking.  Happy.

Haiku 87 Stop

Stop slamming the door.

I know you’re in the bathroom.

I really don’t care.

Happy #51

When I ask my staff to do something, I leave and when I come back it’s done better than I could have done it.  Happy!

Haiku 86 Drinking

Sometimes family sucks.

They bring up things that hurt me.

Will you stop drinking?

Happy #50

When I go to the RMV office thinking it will take me at least two hours to accomplish what I want and I’m done in 15 minutes.  I should have bought a lotto ticket!  Happy!

Haiku Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou,

you made each of us better.

Oprah will miss you.

Haiku 85 Check up

Annual check up.

Wow, you’ve lost twenty two pounds.

Don’t you feel better?

Happy #49

When I substitute what I would normally like to celebrate something  with (alcohol, food) with a long walk instead.  Happy!

Haiku 84 Sad

Someone you don’t know,

killed in a car accident.

Facebook makes me sad.


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