My Year Writing

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Month: April, 2014

Happy #22

When I walk by a house with kids bicycles strewn all over the yard and driveway. It reminds of a different time, when we were kids who played all day and didn’t have a care in the world. Of our youth, our innocence. It makes me happy!

Haiku 57 Leaving

Leaving is always the worst.
Saying goodbye to best friends.
Till September.

Haiku 56 Rainy

Rainy day at the beach.
Will I have time for a walk?
My feet sure hope not.

Happy #21

That moment when a friend drops you off at your vehicle after a night out and they wait until they know you are safe, your vehicle has started and you’re on your way home. You feel cared for, loved, happy!

Haiku 55 Sandcastles

Morning walk on the beach.
Half leftover sandcastles,
Never to return.


Happy #20

Buying underwear that has personality, even if no one will see it. I’ve bought boring boxers my whole life but now that I’ve lost some weight and gone down a few sizes in my waist it is time to try something new!


Happy #19

Unexpected air shows at the beach. My father and I were sitting at the beach this afternoon when three planes flew over us. They did flips, spins, created a heart with an arrow throw it with their smoke. Happy!


Haiku 54 Shark

Eight hundred and fifty.
Size of mako caught at beach. 
Fuck no, I won’t swim.  

Happy #18

When you go to a restaurant with a friend who knows the owner.  The owner sends over free appetizers and dessert.  You feel like a king for the evening, even though it’s your friend he’s trying to impress.  You’re lucky to know her.

Haiku 53 Dieter

If it’s free you cheat.
An adulterers bio.
A dieter’s life.


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