My Year Writing

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Haiku 178

My legs and back hurt.

Help me please chiropractor.

Yes, Tempurpedic.

Haiku 177

Stand up comedy, 

how do I write the good jokes?

Not write the mean ones?

Haiku 176

Why do I eat you? 

Maple glazed butter pecan blondie,

I will regret you.

Haiku 175

Should I cut my hair? 

Yum, macaroni and cheese.

My stomach hurts now.

Haiku 174

Did she try a kiss?

 Why don’t I let it happen?

Listen to your heart.

Haiku 173

Is this working now?

I’m creating connections.

Trying to love all.

Haiku 172

Happy who I am. 

We should all feel the same way.  

No need to argue. 

Haiku 171

Time is always there.

Vibrate your happiness, now.

Life is a mystery.

Haiku 170

Pictures from the past.

Has anything really changed?

The answer is no.

Haiku 169

Results don’t matter.

Put your love into the world.

That’s your greatest gift.


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