My Year Writing

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Haiku 108

Feel like a failure.
Will the next two weeks just end?
I need to stay calm.

Haiku 107

Robin Williams, gone.

A lot less laughter dear world.

A tragic comic.

Haiku 106

Ticketing system.

You must work to sell tickets.

Seven hours down.

Haiku 105

I have too much stuff.

I want to throw it away.

Life begins again.

Haiku 104

What is my purpose?

A question I ask a lot.

An answer I know.

Haiku 103

Getting back on track.

A new age and a new day.

Done fluctuating.  

Haiku 102

What a great birthday!
First full day in my forties.
Time to begin new.

Haiku 101

One more week to go,
Knocking on forty years old.
I’m not freaking out?

Grateful 71

BIC pens. Yes, that’s it.  That is what I’m grateful for.  I’ve spend a lot of money on other pens that are heavier, they make my hand tired, etc.  Then I discovered the other day that I really just like BIC Round Stic black pens.  They last a long time, they are lite and they are cheap.  I bought 60 BIC pens for the price of one of my normal pens.

I’ve started doing a lot of my writing in notebooks, at least my journal and first drafts of things, so a good pen is important.

Thank you BIC pens!


Grateful 70

Oh my dear friends, what an unbelievable few days it has been.  I haven’t written because I’ve almost been so grateful that I couldn’t write.  Last Wednesday I had a dear friend whose son had a horrible accident.  He burnt twenty five percent of his body, he’s two.  It’s a tiny body.  The community has all been devastated, not only is this family well loved, but I’ve been friends with them for over twenty years.

On Saturday I started with a goal of making 10k for the family to help them with their business losses, medical expenses, travel expenses, etc.  At this moment, it’s Tuesday morning at 8:51am the campaign I started is at $5, 520.  That’s just over half of the goal in less than three days.  It’s amazing.

Today I am grateful for community.  I’m also grateful for this website.  Without it I would not have had the courage to do the right thing and start this campaign.  I feel myself, my life, changing before me because I am voicing what I am grateful for everyday.  It’s been an amazing lesson.



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