My Year Writing

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Haiku 172

Happy who I am. 

We should all feel the same way.  

No need to argue. 

Haiku 171

Time is always there.

Vibrate your happiness, now.

Life is a mystery.

Haiku 170

Pictures from the past.

Has anything really changed?

The answer is no.

Haiku 169

Results don’t matter.

Put your love into the world.

That’s your greatest gift.

Haiku 168

Deep conversation.

Wine, pizza, laughter and a great friend.

Life’s truest pleasures.

Haiku 167

Actors and awards,

living their dreams and ours dreams.

Do we really care?

Haiku 166

A child, sad, in need.

Now is a lifetime away.

Continue to heal.

Haiku 165

Life is curious.

Do you live to your fullest?

Or do you just dance?

Haiku 164

A walk in the snow.

Thirty degrees equals warmth.

What is wrong with me?

Haiku 163

Giddy, you cause that.

A hug, a laugh, a smile, thanks.

You make it better.


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