My Year Writing

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Haiku 122

My breakfast today.
Apple pie and ice cream, yum.
Life is short, live well.

Haiku 121

Fall in the Berkshires.
Hiking Monument Mountain.
This amazing life.




Haiku 120

A beach house out west.
Setting my sights on a dream.
Coronado, please?

Haiku 119

Sun rises and falls.
You decide the in between.
Choose to make it shine.

Haiku 118

Change is not bad, right?
Yes, my future is closer.
Every passing tick.

Haiku 117

I love this lesson,
‘Everything happens FOR us.’
Universe listens.

Haiku 116

Walking with a friend.
Some leaves have changed already.
Still, time marches on.

Haiku 115

You know your power.
I’ve always played the victim.
Time to play hero.

Haiku 114

Searching for my truth.

I’m reading all the right books.

Time to take action.

Haiku 113

End of an era?
Bye, Sunday night comedy.
End of an error?


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