I am a writer.

I earned my Masters of Fine Arts - Creative Writing, Fiction concentration degree from Antioch Los Angeles in December 2017. I am finally stepping into my calling as a writer, storyteller, and modern Griot. I will be writing all 2018 and beyond. For now, the focus will be on my year writing in 2018. My focus is clear. I am committed to completing and finishing my novel.


I am a storyteller.

In December of 2017, I graduated with my Master’s of Fine Arts Creative Writing- Fiction from Antioch University in Los Angeles. I am so proud of myself. I feel so accomplished now that I have a Master's degree.

I decided on establishing a writer blog as a virtual journal that other people can peek into whenever they choose. This blog will be my online journal as I go on this journey of completing, then finishing, and finally publishing my work with one of the BIG five publishers.

Whenever I need to take writing breaks from my novel I will add something to this blog. In my head I see myself holding a pen and a notebook as I walk on my writer path. From time to time, I will look up to write something in the notebook on the side of my writer path. It just so happens that my notebook is titled www.myyearwriting.com. Go me!

Come Along! Let's do this!

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